Michael Tanzillo

Michael Tanzillo

Artist, Writer, Designer, Entrepreneur

I did some investigating on how to write a bio and here are two general rules I discovered. One, you should write your bio in the third person. I guess that would make me seem important enough that someone else would be writing this. Writing about myself in the third person makes me feel foolish so I have decided to ignore this rule. Two, when creating your online persona, try and stick to one, marketable angle. Be a photographer, or a writer, or a designer, or a spy, or whatever. Just be one thing that your audience can identify with you.

This does not make sense to me. We are all complex people and trying to widdle us down to one digestible nugget is an oversimplification that sells us short. Take for example the great Bob Barker. Bob Barker was just the host of Price is Right, right? Doesn’t it make him more dynamic to discover he also took karate lessons with Chuck Norris?  Roald Dahl was an author of children’s books, Josephine Baker was a singer, Harry Houdini was a magician, and Julia Child was a chef.  Do you want to know something else, these four were also spies. SPIES!!! 

(I will wait as you google “Julia Child Spy”……Pretty great, right? Ok, I will wrap this up.)

I want to use my website to celebrate my multiplicity. I have worked on animated films, taught classes, written books, designed products, and I do not plan on slowing down anytime soon. I want this site to genuinely represent all of my explorations and passions. I want it to adapt and morph as I succeed in some areas and fail in others. But most importantly…I want to be a spy!

Seriously…let’s make that happen!